Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday's Favorite: Touch-Buttons

Tiber Touch Buttons
Sometimes I get really excited about the details- I think it's the small stuff that counts! That is why I want to spotlight these new Teiber touch-buttons, these my friends are the new and gorgeous door chime buttons you want next to your front door. (at least I do)
These have a lifetime warranty dimmable back-lit LED to help illuminate your outdoor space.
They are heat activated with human touch and the LED light turns on and off to confirm the chime is ringing.
For those of you who live in places like Arizona where little animals have a tendency to crawl on your house, the lizards and bugs will not set off the door bell. But for those of us in colder climates like here in Salt Lake City, your guests will not be required to take off their gloves to ring your door bell. Seriously these are some of the coolest touch-buttons I have ever seen. They offer matching chimes to place inside the house too, check them out here.

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