Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Favorite: The Paris Fan

Paris Fan from Period Arts

Does a fan get better than this? I am in love, and of course it's called the PARIS fan. It's almost as good as a trip to the city of Love.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall is Here

The leaves are starting to fall, the air is getting crisp, it gets dark earlier this means fall is finally here. It's time to start thinking about all the things we need to do inside and out to prepare for the cold months that lay ahead. What does that mean for you with lighting?
Photo from Google Images
1. This is a great time to make sure everything is working, you know all the table and floor lamps you haven't needed because you have been outside enjoying summer these past months. Check that you have good light bulbs, preferably some great energy efficient ones, and if you need something repaired bring it into our shop so we can fix it.
Artemis Fan
2. Turn your ceiling fans in reverse- heat rises and the fan in reverse mode will help keep that warm air circulating into the room! 
Hinkley Outdoor Light
CFL Bulb
3. Did you know that the normal compact florescent (CFL) bulb does not work in cold temperatures? If the temps reach below 20 degrees the CFL will not turn on. If you are using CFL's in your outdoor lights, especially post lights that are away from the house, change them to the CFL's rated for freezing temperatures. We sale one that will work in -20 degree temps! These are not very common, so make sure you read the box and you are getting the one rated for negative temperatures.