Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday's Favorite: Decor Light Bulbs

Bulbrite Bulbs   

New to the scene are these GOLD TOP LIGHT BULBS! The chrome top bulbs have been around for a long time, I am a fan of the chrome top. Believe it or not, I hate looking directly into the filament of any light bulb. The chrome top and now the gold top is a great bulb to use when there is not a shade to help shield your eyes from a bare bulb. These other bulbs, commonly known as vintage, Edison, exposed filament, nostalgic, or just plain decorative bulbs are hot items right now. they are going like hotcakes around here, and now there are a few more shapes to choose from.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Solaris So Many Ways

Crystorama Solaris Chandelier
Crystorama's Solaris chandelier has been a big hit this year, I have sold this over and over again. As you can see illustrated here it works in so many spaces. I think this is one of the most transitional pieces we offer, it can be dressed up or down, it can be used in classic, traditional and contemporary spaces a like. I like how something as simple as changing the light bulbs from the traditional flame tip to a round bulb can make the chandelier feel so modern. If you are on the hunt for the perfect chandelier, this may be just what you need.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lamps I am Loving

Holtkotter Floor Lamp
Artcraft Mercer Street By: Steve & Chris Floor Lamp

Artcraft Sloan Floor Lamp

George Kovacs Table Lamp

Hudson Valley Deyo Table Lamp

Murray Feiss Urban Renewal Floor Lamp

Uttermost Tomi Table Lamp

Uttermost Fabbrico Table Lamp

Uttermost Mondori Table Lamp

Placed in no particular order, I present my top picks in portable lamps. I choose these mostly for the incredible design but also for function and the material used in making the lamps. I am still loving brass accents, lamps are a great way to try out new finishes to make sure you are willing to fully commit. Even if you don't share my love for brass, many do not, there are other finishes to choose from and many gorgeous lamps here to see! Hope you enjoy!