Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New in Store: Tiffany Lamps

We just got a new shipment of Tiffany floor and table lamps. Come check it out!!!

Another of Jay Jeffers Designs

Photos from Jay Jeffers North Beach Jewel

This is a another design by Jay Jeffers, I love this place. Can I move in? Please!
I like the simple space with the crystal chandelier, and the modern floor lamp with such simple lines in the great room. The crystal table lamps in the bedroom are perfect too! I love how most of the walls are white with just one wall of color, but it's a subtle color in blue and green yet it really adds to the rooms and makes them more interesting. And with all that natural light it is so inviting!

Some More Galm- From Office Interior of Jay Jeffers

Pictures from Jay Jeffers Portfolio
I saw this office space first on Coco + Kelley, and went right to the designers website. I love so much of what he has done. This is his design studio, I know I would feel inspired to create beautiful interiors if I was constantly surrounded by such an amazing space. You can't deny that the crystal chandeliers are a highlight in the space! It's simply stunning!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living In The Life of Luxury

Photos from House of Turquoise
Designed by Barbara Heath
Photographed by Erica George Dines
This beautiful bathroom won Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle 21st Annual Bath Contest, I saw it this morning on House of Turquoise and wanted to share it with you. The table lamps are murano glass, from Italy, which goes along with the most recent Italian posts I have done. The crystal chandelier is so gorgeous in this setting! I love the use of colors the designer has used. I am such a huge fan of subway tiles in bathrooms, I think every bathroom I love has some of these same elements: clean lines, subway tiles, glamorous lighting, and space to lounge. Who wouldn't want to draw a bath in this luxurious space after a long day at work, it seems like the perfect sanctuary to me. I am very much in love with this bathroom!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Italian Street Lighting






I love the street lighting throughout Italy! I wanted to share some pictures with you! There is a mixture of old and new everywhere in Italy, especially in the lighting. Notice the very contemporary street poles in Rome (sorry the picture is not the best). In Venice and Florence I saw a lot of the multi-light posts, they are very beautiful! I heard a lot of them are solar powered, although I was not able to verify that information, they are beautiful either way.

Venetian Glass Chandeliers

While in Italy I was not able to get as many pictures of lighting and decor as I would have liked. Many of the places I visited asked that visitors do not take pictures, so for that reason I only have a few to share. While I was in Venice I got some pictures of Venetian glass chandeliers. The artistry is absolutely amazing and overwhelming. The top picture is my favorite they have used a ring of LED lights around the ceiling to help spotlight the chandelier, it's so cleaver. I have never seen that done before and it really made the chandelier sparkle! My two favorite lighting aspects of the trip were the venetian glass and the street lighting all throughout Italy. I have some pictures of street lights to share as well!