Thursday, May 26, 2011


Photos from makeup and beauty blog
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It's not everyday that I can combine two of my favorite things into a lighting post- Make up and Lighting! Although it's a little silly really, to wear LED bulbs taped to your eyelids, it's such a cool idea. It just goes to show how versatile LED lights can be, if you can make them into an eyeshadow that only appears when your eyes are closed, you can surely come up with some useful applications for you home as well.

Check out the video it's very clever.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New in Store From Justic Design

Here are a few of the fixtures we just put on display from Justice Design, honestly the pictures don't really do them justice ;), but really they don't, come in and check them out and see how beautiful they really are.

Track Lighting in Kitchens

Photo from Elements of Style Blog

A huge trend right now when updating your kitchen is to use a track system. There are a lot of reasons people are drawn to this type of a system especially in a kitchen. A lot of kitchens in the area have the fluorescent lights 2' x 4' with the power coming out at any point under that big ugly box. With a monorail or ribbon track you can keep your power source wherever it is and run the power to a track. Track is versatile in that it can be various lengths and you can bend it to make a whole bunch of shapes. It can also hang really close to the ceiling, when you have height limitations, or you can suspend the system down, which is very useful with vaulted or really high ceilings. You also have complete control over how much light you run on the track. You can add or subtract lights whenever you feel like it.

I like the kitchen above, I have recently done two alley kitchens and updated fluorescent light to a monorail track system. George Kovacs track I have on this post is by far the best deal I have come across. It is a kit, so there is not as much room to determine the height or how much light you run, but for $181.50 you can't find a better deal with a good quality product. It comes with 10' of track and 5 track heads. It is also available in Bronze and there are a few different track heads you can choose from.

If you want to put together your own system with a combination of track heads and pendants check out these vendor's websites for more information.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Landscape Lighting 101: Hinkley Lighting

Photo from Hinkley Lighting
"Landscape lighting should enhance the outdoor living environment, extend hours of enjoyment you and your family spend outdoors and provide safety and security."
- Hinkley Lighting

12V vs. 120V
12V or Low Voltage systems are generally more flexible and suitable for most residential environments while 120V or line voltage are more suited to permanent commercial and institutional applications.
Some of the advantages to the low voltage system are:
-You do not have to be a licensed electrician to install 12V systems.
-Wires are flexible and can be relocated during and after installation.
- Systems can be plugged into an existing outdoor receptacles.
- Wires and fixtures are designed for wet locations and are safe when exposed to moisture.

Types of Landscape Lighting:
UP LIGHTING, illuminating an object, area or surface from below, often used to illuminate trees.
DOWN LIGHTING, illuminating an object, area or surface from above, often used to spotlight sculptures or other points of interest.
MOONLIGHTING, a type of down lighting that is used to create a natural effect. Often the light will be mounted high in a tree and it bathes the ground with a soft glow.
GRAZING, emphasizes a textured surface (such and a tree trunk, stone wall, or climbing ivy) by placing a light source within one foot of that surface and aiming the light beam parallel to that surface.
PATH LIGHTING, used to enhance landscaping such as flower beds, shrubbery and borders while safely illuminating pathways.
STEP LIGHTING, may be used in masonry and wood construction to safely illuminate stairways and walkways.
WALL WASHING, illuminating a wall or a surface.
SILHOUETTING, aka back lighting, used to dramatize and interesting-shaped object.
SHADOWING, an effect created by placing a light source in front of an object and projecting a shadow onto a surface behind the object.
BENCH/DECK LIGHTING, used in masonry and wood construction used to provide safety and accent light.

Feast your Eyes: Gorgeous Interiors

Murray Feiss P1204OSL

I love to see this light used in three different applications. I have the Murray Feiss pendant hung here in the showroom and I picked it out with interiors just like these in mind, I am glad that Muse Interiors liked it too. I don't think it's the same light but it is very similar.

Hudson Valley Lighting 254

Photo from Muse Interiors This Hudson Valley light is such a classic, I love it used here over a bath tub! These interior designers are VERY talented, my breath was nearly taken away when I saw some of their work recently. I love the choice of lighting in all their spaces, stunning how it flows so well.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Favorite: The Light of Provence

Classic Lighting

Muray Feiss Lighting

Wilmette Lighting

Murray Feiss Lighting

Classic Lighting

All Photos from Chateau de MoissacSeen on Desire to Inspire

Have you ever seen a more romantic Chateau ever? I have literally died and gone to heaven over this place. It's simple beauty, stunning lighting, and inspirational charm I just can't get enough. It is beautiful in every aspect! Follow the links listed under the pictures to see lighting that is similar to what they used in this beautiful Chateau!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Room Worthy of a Star

Murray Feiss chandelier F2477/8+4GS $961.12

Photo from Desire to Inspire
Picture taken by Jean Allsopp

When I see a room like this I imagine a movie star lounging on the chase drinking champagne and singing some lovely song to someone accompanying her on that beautiful piano.
This is such a beautiful room, I would love to browse through all those colorful books, I can only imagine what I would find on the pages. The chandelier is just like the Murray Feiss one I have shown you before, we have it up on display here at the store, it is one of my favorites.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Favorite

DVI Lighting DVP5306

This DVI fixture has been a very popular fixture here, when I saw this room on Elements of Style today I thought it was worth sharing. The mirror is very similar to an Uttermost mirror we sale as well. That bed looks so cozy right now, good thing its Friday- Here is to hoping for a nice relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hudson Valley in Elle Decor

I am sorry this is not the best picture (see a better photo here) in May's issue of Elle Decor Hudson Valley will feature this fixture. It's very exciting that one of my favorite lines will be in one of my favorite decor magazines.