Friday, May 31, 2013

Felt Lighting 100 Years Ago

Felt Lighting Showroom
Charles Lamont Felt & two employee's  
Early 1920's
*I would give anything to go back in time and rummage through those drawers!

Early 1920's Advertisement

Felt Lighting 1220 East 3300 South
Salt Lake city, Utah
Picture taken by the talented Trevor Muhler
of Trevor Muhler Photography

Felt Lighting Showroom @ 1220 East 3300 South
Picture taken by the talented Trevor Muhler
of Trevor Muhler Photography
Felt Lighting was established in 1906, 107 years ago, we are a still a family owned and operated business. I am 4th generation family member to be working at this store, I feel extremely lucky to work at a place with such a rich heritage. The first picture in this post was taken in the early 1920's and the man in the middle is my Great- Grandfather, Charles Lamont Felt. I recently stumbled upon these two old pictures and was overcome with gratitude towards my ancestors for setting up a business that has had the staying power to last in this great community and provide me with a job, one I really enjoy! I had these new pictures taken last summer by my friend, the very talented Trevor Muhler, of Trevor Muhler Photography. I love the way the showroom glows as the sun is going down in the evening.   
I am amazed at how the store has changed in the last century. We, the Felt family, owe it all to the great customers who have been willing to shop local and support us through the last 107-years. Thank you! We really appreciate your business! We hope to stick around and serve you for another 100 years, at least!    

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trend Alert: The Glam Bath

ELK Crystallure
ELK Crystallure

Picture source unknown
George Kovacs Bling Bling Sconce

Access Prizm 
Hudson Valley Buchanan
George Kovacs Jewel Box
Photo from Pinterest

Allegri Crystal Rubens Sconce

ET2 Dazzle Sconce

Eurofase Charteux sconce
Photo from Houzz
ET2 Spiral Sconce

Photo from Pinterest

LBL Bling Chandelier
Vanity lighting has never been so elegant with more choices and more glam than ever before. The more sparkle and shine you can add to your space the better. The George Kovacs Jewel Box we can not keep in stock, it is definitely a favorite around here. My personal favorite sconce (for the moment, you can imagine it changes often) is the Charteux sconce the cascading crystals have a calming effect, makes me feel like I am in a spa, but it does not skimp on style. What do you think, will you add some glam to your bath?? I think you should!