Friday, December 31, 2010

A Gorgeous interior and a Happy New Year!

Photos from Harper's Bazaar

This apartment is gorgeous it's featured in the January issue of Harper's Bazaar, it belongs to the Perrin Family. I absolutely adore the crown molding and the ceiling medallion in the dining area. Not to mention the crystal chandeliers in both the photos. I wish I was ringing in the new year surrounded by such beauty.
Find similar lights here

Thursday, December 23, 2010

FAQ Answered: How Much Light do I Need in a Room?

One of the questions we are asked on a regular basis is how much light do I need in a room?
There is a simple equation to use that will determine how much light will be sufficient:
Multiply the length x the width of the room in feet
then multiply it again 1.5 times
for example if your room is 12' in length x 16' in width
12 x 16 =192
192 x 1.5=288
So you would need approximately 288 watts of light to adequately illuminate the room!
(or if you are like me and enjoy well lit spaces just round up to 300 watts and use a dimmer, then you can always adjust the light level for your mood!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Inside is so delightful

Images from Country Living

The weather outside is frightful, but inside is so delightful- Let is snow! This time of year I hope the shopping is done so I can cozy up inside. This is the perfect interior to snuggle up next to the people you love, drink hot coco and watch Christmas movies. I love the lighting too, it can all be found at Hudson Valley Lighting.