Thursday, October 16, 2014

What Moves you?

Wing Fan 

Roto Fan 

Ken Fan 

Minimalist Fan 

Turbine Fan 

Jellyfish Fan 

Utility Fan 
It is funny the way life goes, all at once I have customers who want the same style and then a month later a new group looking for something completely different, but almost always it comes in waves. The trend the last few weeks has been clean modern fans, so today I am featuring some top picks. Don't think that modern always means more expensive, one of these fans is less than $100- Can you guess which one? Would I recommend the one that is the least expensive over the most expensive? Absolutely not! These are all fantastic fans, great manufactures, gorgeous design and above all very functional. So what moves you? Which fan is your favorite? Next month I will feature a different style of fan- so stay tunes for What moves you part II.