Tuesday, September 17, 2013

National Ceiling Fan Day

Slipstream from Minka
Braddock from Emerson

Airlift by Monte Carlo
Industry from Period Arts
Aurora Hugger by Modern Fan Co.

Stella Fan from Modern Fan Co.
Did you know that tomorrow, September 18th is National Ceiling Fan Day?? I just learned about this myself. One of the leading fan manufactures is calling for a movement on this day from all of America to turn off their AC and use ceiling fans instead. The U.S. Department of Energy is trying to propose a new energy efficiency standard for calling fans like they have done with light bulbs. This new energy standard may help us use less energy and spend less money on our utility bills. This is only a proposition at this point nothing has gone into effect just yet. But between now and then, there are so many great reasons to use ceiling fans. I have 6 reasons right here; look how pretty a fan can be! The first fan from Minka, the Slipstream is an Energy Star fan, this eight-blade industrial fan is suited for indoors and out, it is very efficient and lovely to look at!
I know some of us live in climates where the temperatures are so high that turning of the AC is not an option, but those of us who live in climate that only reach the 100's occasionally, maybe giving the AC a rest for a day is a great idea. Ceiling fans have a lot of potential to save you money when used in place of central air or even better when used with AC to more efficiently move the air throughout your home or office. The summer is not over yet, we still have many hot days until winter hits, it's definitely not too late to add a beautiful fan to your living space. Don't forget a lot of fans have a reverse option for winter that helps move the warm air back down into your room!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's Favorite: Harper Pendant

Harper Pendant from Crystorama
I am drooling over the Harper Pendant from Crystorama- It is so elegant and beautiful! This is hand blown glass pendant that is now available in 3 colors, the ice blue, cognac and now a clear.