Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gray Matter

Mimi 6-light Pendant 

Tamburo 3-light Pendant 

Dutch Pendant in Silver Birch

Scatchard Gray Gloss Lamp

Livingston LED Pendant 

Baalon Gery Table Lamp

Kaliko Pet Bed

Laurens Weathered Grey Chain

Cibana Rust Grey mirror 

Aberdeen 8' x 5' Rug
 Gray is new neutral for interiors and it is here to stay! I've chosen my top picks from our gray products, you know we sale more than just lights, we have home furnishing as well! Uttermost has a great selections of Rug now on our website, check them all out here

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feeling Blue?

Berlinetta 12-Light Pendant 

Sapphire Table Lamp

Paolina Table Lamp

Scatchard Blue Gloss Table Lamp

Diva Table Lamp

Macaw Wall Lamp

CAL Mini Pendant 
Shades of blue are everywhere in design and lighting is no exception. 
There has been a lot of talk about the color BLUE in the media lately did you read this? Some scientist believe our ancestors didn't have a word for the color blue, that maybe the color didn't even exist until somewhat recently. What about this dress, is it blue and black or whit and gold? 
 Did you know that blue is the #1 favorite color of most people? In interior design blue can create a feeling of calm and freshness as well as strength and dependability. The key is to choose a shade that makes you feel good! I am always drawn to deep blues like navy and cobalt but they can make such a strong statement. Sometimes you need a little more calm like a sea blue or a turquoise.  Whatever you want there is a lamp for that and don't be shy there are so many shades and style available there is definitely one for every room!