Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Favorite: Maarid It's Finally Up!!

Maarid Chandelier

I blogged about the new collection after it was first shown, check out the post here, now it is finally up on display! It was on back order for a few months, now it is up and as beautiful as ever. I have seen this plastered all over Pinterest the last few days and I am so excited that anyone can come see it in person. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rustic Modern

Photo by: Alexis Toureau

Quorum 6504-6-86

ELK 63023-4

Art Craft SC235

I absolutely adore this kitchen- the rustic and modern elements are in perfect collision with each other creating a warm and inviting space. I would love to have a dinner party at that table!  I have been a fan of these pendants for some time now, after seeing them used in this stunning interior I knew I needed to share my top 3! The Steven and Chris Kingston light we have had on display before, it never stays up for long. Quorum recently made their own version of the island light which I am anxious to see in person. And the ELK light I think is the closest match to the one in Alexis Toureau picture and is as gorgeous as ever.