Thursday, June 24, 2010

TCP Seminar

TCP Lighting hosted a lighting seminar here is Salt Lake on Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending at the Grand America. TCP is one of the worlds leading manufactures of energy efficient lighting. TCP is working hard to make CFL, LED and other types of energy efficient lighting a perfect light source for our homes and offices. We have carried TCP bulbs in our store for years and have always had good feedback on their product. However, I am really excited for some of the newer products we learned about.

TCP's Compact Fluorescent bulbs or CFL have one of the best dimming options around. I know because I watched multiple experiments with other companies CFL bulbs; having different bulbs right next to each other and seeing how the TCP bulbs performs up to other brands was a great way to see how well these bulbs really do dim. Right now making a CFL dim lower than 20% is really hard to do, but TCP has managed to make a CFL that will dim all the way to 3%. They call this their TRU DIM and it will be available this fall.

We watched the other experiments where TCP's CFL bulbs warm up faster than the other brands of CFL bulbs. TCP changed their bulb's design a little so their bulbs can warm up and light up a whole lot faster now than they did before.

TCP is also working hard on LED bulbs, they have 22 new LED bulbs hitting the market. They have a deco line of great looking deco bulbs, and even more directional spot and flood bulbs. Almost all of which work well outdoors in damp location and inside your home as well.

The other new product TCP has made is a wireless controlling system for CFL's, it will have photocells and motion sensor options as well as dimming options. It will be available for both residential and commercial in the 4th quarter of 2010.

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