Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bonn At Home In Salt Lake

Photo By Gary Felt

This monorail track system is in a gorgeous home in Holiday, Utah. the product is from LBL Lighting, the clear pendant is called the Bonn it's a transparent glass cone with a hand-etched band around the center. The picture does not show the slope of the ceiling very well, but there is a severe sloped ceiling and the track was a perfect alternative to a standard chandelier here. It not only gives a unique and modern look over the table but the track is very functional in this area. The standoffs are all different heights so the track can be hung level with the table and then the pendants were staggered over the table at different heights to add dimension. Because the pendants are hung from end to end it gives an even lighting over the entire table making it a great place to do task work, and it is on a dimmer so any light intensity/mood you desire can be achieved.
I love how versatile track lighting is, LBL has so many great pendants available as well as other products. You can create your own eye-catching, one of a kind fixture with any number of LBL products.

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