Friday, May 2, 2014

Fridays Favorite: FANZZZZ

Every year Minka Aire blows me away with their cool designs and this year is no exception. Here are a few of my top picks from the new fans:
 This first one is 84" wing spread! The Slipstream is HUGE!!! You may need to come in just to see the scale of this fan. It is also available in a 65" diameter and they come in multiple finishes.
Slipstream 84" diameter fan
This is the new Light Wave, The Wave has been a standing favorite for years, and now they make it with a LED light.  
Light Wave
The Pancake looks like, well, a pancake. This was designed by one of the youngest designers in the industry, Minka Aire wanted a fan that would get the attention of a new generation of customers- this is one of the smallest, if not the smallest, motor housing you can find in a fan. To get the motor this small the standard fan motor was re-created to accommodate this unique design. As I said before I am very impressed.
And the next few fans may not be brand new but they are still very note worthy, and we have them up on display so come check them out in person!

 The second we put the Dyno on display I was impressed, the light quality of this LED is better than any other I have seen. And for $199.95 I don't think you can find a better deal! the Dyno is available in 3 finishes, clink the caption below for more information.
Dyno with LED light
Don't forget the tried and tested Concept series, these have been a best seller for years. I put a concept II in my bedroom in 2004 and 10 years later we still can't keep them in stock.
Concept I

Concept II

Traditional Concept

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