Thursday, May 1, 2014

A New Lighting Guide

Littman Brands has published a new lighting Look Book this is a very helpful guide into lighting and design.
The look book details different design styles and gives great tips on how to create and place lighting for every room in your home.
Some useful tips include how to create 3 layers of lighting: Ambient, task and accent.
Ambient lighting or the base layer of a room can be determined by multiplying the square footage of a room by 1.5 the total number will be the minimum amount of incandescent watts required to illuminate a room.
Task lighting is to illuminate activities in your room, to figure out the amount of light you need take the square footage of the task area and times it by 2.5. Use this equation in the kitchen where you will be doing food prep, or near the vanity where you will need extra light for grooming.
Accent light should illuminate the space with 3 times more light than the surrounding area. An accent areas is a something you want to draw extra attention to, like art, with a picture light, or an architectural element in the room like a fireplace or a special feature.
Other tips include how to find the right size fixture for every room and where to hang them. 

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