Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saving Money with your Lighting

Yep, that is right you can save money by using the right type of lighting! Here are a few tips to help you.
One sure way to save money with lighting is to turn off your lights, if this is something you forget to do, try a motion sensor. Here at Felt Lighting we have motion sensors in all of our restrooms. Motion sensors can be set to turn off after a certain amount of time, and as long as there is movement in the room the light will stay on.


In your home a great place to start is by replacing your old fixtures with Energy Star fixtures. Energy Star is a rating given to energy efficient fixtures, usually these fixtures use compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs or LED bulbs. Not all fixtures with CFL or LED are Energy Star, if the fixture is indeed given an energy star rating you will see it clearly marked.
 Rocky Mountain Power offers rebates when you buy Energy Star fixtures for your home or office, for more information on the programs check here. There are also federal rebates available; here is more information.

If you don’t want to invest right now in updating your fixtures, try replacing just your light bulbs with more energy efficient blubs. Use LED, CFL or Xenon bulbs in place of you incandescent and halogen bulbs.

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