Friday, March 12, 2010

Picture Lights

House of Troy A14 $57.50

House of Troy T36 $333.75

Wall Monorail system from Tech Lighting

Monorail system from Tech Lighting

4" Round Canopy and DJ-Georgi head from Tech Lighting
Canopy only $99.00 Georgi fixture $86.62

Advent Light from House of Troy $90.00

Picture Light from House of Troy DSL24 $362.50

When you are illuminating a painting with a picture light like the one above, the shade length should be one half the length of the image you are illuminating. There are different mounting options, the one above has a back plate that is large enough to cover a standard junction box, others are made to plug into an outlet and can me mounted to the back of the frame itself. This is nice because you do not have to make any holes in the wall, so if you want to move the picture later it is easy to do. Battery operated picture lights are also available.

Track is a nice way to spotlight art as well, the wall monorail system is a very sleek system. It is a lot less obtrusive and the MR16 bulb comes with a UV protective shield that will not discolor or harm your artwork! With a track lighting system you can spotlight multiple pieces of art or if you just like the look of the smaller spot it is also available as a mono-point like the advent like from House of Troy. The advent light can be hard wired into a junction box or plugged into an outlet.

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