Thursday, March 11, 2010


Modern Fan Co. Ball Fan $ 324.00
Modern Fan Co. Halo Fan $396.00

Minka Aire Gyro Fan F402 $610.50

Minka Aire Fan Artemis F803 $444.95

Emerson Fan St. Croix CF3300AP $941.50

Here are some tips, from Emerson Fan Company on how to pick the perfect fan for any application:

Fan Size

Suggested Fan Size


Room Size

29" Blade Span Bathroom, hallways Up to 50 sq. ft.
36" Blade Span Breakfast nooks, laundry rooms Up to 75 sq. ft.
42" Blade Span Small bedrooms, small kitchens Up to 100 sq. ft.
50" or 52" Blade Span Standard bedrooms, family rooms Up to 400 sq. ft.
54" or Larger Blade Span Great rooms, large areas Over 400 sq. ft.

Fan height

Standard Eight-Foot Ceilings

Emerson fans are designed to fit a standard eight-foot ceiling, which puts the blades seven feet from the floor for the best air movement and clearance.

Ceilings Lower Than Eight Feet

Use the Emerson Ceiling Mounting Kit or go with an Emerson Snugger model to achieve the desired seven-foot blade clearance. Emerson offers an extensive selection of Snugger models to accommodate your needs.

Ceilings Above Eight Feet

For ceilings above eight feet, the fan should be hung by a downrod to eight or nine feet from the floor. This is important because the higher the fan is hung, the less air circulates near the floor. Choose one of the accessory downrods available in lengths of one foot to six feet to achieve your desired height.

The Emerson Ceiling Mounting Kit and the appropriately sized downrod will accommodate cathedral ceilings and sloped ceilings up to 40°. The dual purpose kit (low and sloped ceilings) allows you to mount your fan as close as eight inches from the ceiling.

Ceiling Fans Save Energy All Year Long

In warmer weather it can make a room feel up to seven degrees cooler by creating a "wind chill" effect. You can set your thermostat higher and save up to 40% on air conditioning bills. In the winter, you can run your fan in reverse to recirculate the hot air trapped near the ceiling. You can set your thermostat lower and save on heating costs as the fan provides even, comfortable temperatures throughout the room. Either way, you conserve valuable energy, making a ceiling fan a wise investment for you and the environment.

Summer Comfort

Winter Comfort

  • Fan spins counter-clockwise
  • Cools by creating a "wind chill" effect
  • Saves on air conditioning bills

  • Fan spins clockwise
  • Recirculates heat from ceiling to the living area below
  • Saves on heating bills

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