Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lamps I am Loving: Floor Lamp Edition

Sonneman makes some really great designs, I love the Scandinavian flare from this Terluci lamp. 
 I remember my grandmother sitting next to her floor lamp with a table on it where she keeps her sewing needles and books, this however is an updated version of that floor lamp. This is hand-made to piece of art made start to finish in Vermont by very talented craftsmen. Each lamp is one of a kind!  
Crystal and Chrome
 This crystal lamp is back-light with LED lights and is incredibly beautiful, it will most defiantly make a statement in any space. 
 We will continue to see the early electric theme in lighting for 2015 and I think for years to follow. This is my current favorite, I like that it is masculine but not overly so. 
LED Floor Lamp
 This is beautiful in its simplicity, a great light source and perfect for a tight space. 
Crown Point
 Crown Point is great quality product with a classic lamp design, where the height is adjustable. I love the drum shade which I think makes it perfect for a transitional space, and of course I choose BRASS but other finishes are available. 
Thick Thin
 Now this is what I call modern sophistication, beautiful clean lines and still striking in it's design.  

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