Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trending 2015: Top Picks from Murray Feiss

Khloe 48" LED Chandelier
Satin Nickel with Crystal a inlay on the inside of frame that catches the light 

Khloe 12" LED Pendant
Oil Rubbed Bronze with hammered metal inlay

Waveform Pendant
Brass and gold are here to stay you will see a lot of gold tones in 2015

Diamond Flush Mount 

Diamond 4-light pendant 

Stonesend LED Chandelier
Strands of rock crystals alternating with clear crystals 

Amani LED Flush Mount
Amani LED Flush Mount

Amani LED Flush Mount

Botanic Flush Mount

Botanic Pendant 

Tori Ombre Pendant
hand-dipped linen fabric 

Tori Ombre Sconce
hand-dipped linen fabric 

Leddington LED Sconce
The shade is glass 

Legend LED Outdoor Sconce

 Here we are again, another year has begun 2015 is going to be a great one! Lighting continues to evolve with the trends and there are more and more fantastic energy efficient solutions and now more than ever before you don't have to compromise style to get energy savings with a great light source. Here are my top picks from the new product line brought to you from Murray Feiss, each year they come out with a huge product line of new and beautiful fixtures. The lighting show hasn't even started yet, so you my friends get to see theses new fixtures before almost anyone. 
All of these fixtures can come with LED light bulbs some of them only have LED options, others you can use CFL if you choose. This is one of the reasons these fixtures made my list. I have now converted every fixture and lamp in my home to LED and I am so happy I did! I love the light source and I only use dimmable LED's having control of my light levels is important to me. I save money on my Rocky Mountain Power bill each month and I feel like I am doing a small part to leave less of a negative footprint on this earth. As far as I am concerned it's a win-win!! 
Stay tuned, I will continue to post new products that I see and love from all the new lines coming out this month.  

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