Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Favorite: The Long and Loud Sconce

Corbett Esquire

Corbett Harlow

Corbett Vixen

Corbett Paparazzi

Corbett Bliss
Corbett Vertigo
Meyda Tiffany Polaris Ii

Meyda Tiffany Old Broadway

Meyda Tiffany Deep Polaris Wall Sconce
This Sconce, the Deep Polaris, is 72" long! WOW!!! 
Meyda Tiffany Gridluck Wall Sconce

Meyda Tiffany Moravian Star
Murray Feiss Triomphe Collection
Kalco Tribecca

Kalco Windsor

Kalco Monaco
We have here LONG sconces, one measures 72" in length, while the majority of them are in the 30"- 45" long range. You may need a unique application for such a large sconce, maybe a large entry way, with high ceilings or a theatre room. These long sconces can act as a piece of art for your home or office. I have seen these in large conference rooms where overhead lighting interacts with projectors, and the lighting aesthetics are placed on the wall. The American Institute or Architects recently reported that the trend for smaller homes has come to a halt. The trend may not be heading back to the McMansions built in the 90's but the new homes are not necessarily compact either. I have heard designers call lighting "the Jewelry" of a room, what better way to accessorize a room than with a beautiful sconce?  

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