Monday, August 29, 2011

NKBA Bathroom finalist

Photo from HGTV Pro

I saw this bathroom in the Residential Lighting Magazine this morning and I loved how Melissa Morgan Sutherland, who designed this bathroom, used lights I have all ready featured on the blog.
The Pendant in the center of the bathroom is from Justice Design, and the vertical lights running down the sides of the mirror are from George Kovacs.
This stunning bathroom I can see working in so many of the houses around this area where Arts and Crafts style is so prevalent. It could also work in many transitional homes or you can changed the finish to satin nickle or chrome and have a more modern feel.
I also LOVE that they used all halogen lights here, in the cans and in the vanity lighting. I have said many times that I think Halogen is needed in bathrooms, especially when you are going to be applying makeup and shaving. The halogen light is a brighter and more intense light that mimics sunlight, it is a much truer color than incandescent, LED or Fluorescent light. So in other words when you put your makeup on inside under halogen lights you will look the same color outside.

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