Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Track Lighting in Kitchens

Photo from Elements of Style Blog

A huge trend right now when updating your kitchen is to use a track system. There are a lot of reasons people are drawn to this type of a system especially in a kitchen. A lot of kitchens in the area have the fluorescent lights 2' x 4' with the power coming out at any point under that big ugly box. With a monorail or ribbon track you can keep your power source wherever it is and run the power to a track. Track is versatile in that it can be various lengths and you can bend it to make a whole bunch of shapes. It can also hang really close to the ceiling, when you have height limitations, or you can suspend the system down, which is very useful with vaulted or really high ceilings. You also have complete control over how much light you run on the track. You can add or subtract lights whenever you feel like it.

I like the kitchen above, I have recently done two alley kitchens and updated fluorescent light to a monorail track system. George Kovacs track I have on this post is by far the best deal I have come across. It is a kit, so there is not as much room to determine the height or how much light you run, but for $181.50 you can't find a better deal with a good quality product. It comes with 10' of track and 5 track heads. It is also available in Bronze and there are a few different track heads you can choose from.

If you want to put together your own system with a combination of track heads and pendants check out these vendor's websites for more information.

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